Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dragons on the River Trail

John's cousin, Peter, and his wife, Jill, live across the valley from us. Saturday Jill called and invited us out for a nice walk along the river trail. An easy little stroll on level ground with a well defined gravel path - sounds like fun. We planned for a little picnic and then an easy stroll.

The day was absolutely beautiful - crisp fall weather with not a cloud in the sky. We had our picnic and then headed for the river trail and a little walk. But, Ashton, their almost 4 year old son, had other plans for us. We hadn't walked 5 minutes when Ashton found a little trail off of the main that lead straight up the side of the mountain. Jill said the last time they walked this path he had wanted to go up the same trail and she told him no, maybe next time. Well he hadn't forgotten those words and again found the exact same trail and asked again to take it. It is quite apparent he comes from a family of adventurers. None of us had the heart to tell him no, so up the moutain we went - in hunt of dragons no less - with Ashton leading the way. It turned out to be quite a beautiful hike - with multi-colored leaves and beautiful scenes of the mountains.

We hiked and hiked and on several occassions we asked Ashton if he was ready to turn back, but of course he was absolutely determined to see where the trail went and if it lead to dragons. Well, no dragons were found, but the trail did end in a very large fire ring - so we told him it was where the dragon slept and he must have just missed him. He was undeterred and wanted to climb higher to see what he could find, but we managed to convince him to turn back. Mainly the adults, Jill and I, plus John in shorts were getting quite cold and wanted to head back to the car. The amazing part of the whole hike was that Ashton never complained and he was even in his crocs with no socks on!

We made it back to the car safely, although little Henry's legs and arms were starting to turn purple from the cold. I tried to keep him warm with my jacket, but it wasn't quite enough.

Moral of the story - always be prepared to go dragon hunting.

And just for fun - (with two engineers for parents, I think the kid is doomed)


Sarah said...

Haha! Already using a computer. Not surprised!
I remember going on hikes looking for Hansel and Gretel, so I know where this kid is coming from....

Em said...

Yes, he is doomed! But he's awfully cute. He looks so much like John. I scrolled down a few pics ago of one with just Henry and clicked on it to enlarge and then called Luke in the room to see if he could identify whose child it was. When I told him it who it was, we both laughed at how much he looks like John. Now I hope that doesn't bother Sheryl, because I do sometimes get sick of people telling me Jane looks JUST like her daddy. Hello? She's half mine too!

Luke said...

Dang John...Your are looking good in that photo....have you been working out??

The Ward Family said...

I didn't know you had a blog!! It's so fun to see your cute family!